Collection: Spring Candle Collection

COMING EARLY MARCH!  Think Spring!!! 🌻☀️

Welcome the rejuvenating spirit of Spring into your home with our enchanting hand-poured soy candle collection. Embracing the essence of the season, our carefully curated selection features a delightful array of lighter fragrances designed to uplift and inspire. From the delicate bloom of fresh florals like lavender and jasmine to the crisp citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, each candle captures the essence of new beginnings and blooming gardens. Let the gentle breeze of springtime whisk you away as you bask in the refreshing aroma of green tea and cucumber or the subtle sweetness of honeysuckle and pear. Whether you're hosting a springtime soirée or simply reveling in the beauty of nature's awakening, our Spring candle collection offers a sensory journey that celebrates the vibrant energy and renewal of this magical season.