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Wick Dipper

Wick Dipper

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Using a wick dipper, by Wickman, to extinguish your soy candle offers several benefits. When you dip the wick into the wax melt pool and then lift it back up, the wick is coated with wax. This helps in:

1. **Reducing Smoke and Soot:** Coating the wick in wax prevents it from smoldering and producing excess smoke or soot when you blow out the candle. This leads to a cleaner burn and less indoor air pollution.

2. **Minimizing Scent Disruption:** Blowing out a candle can release a burst of smoke and disturb the fragrance. With a wick dipper, you avoid this disruption, allowing the candle's scent to linger longer and maintain a consistent aroma.

3. **Preventing Wick Drifting:** When you blow out a candle, the wick can sometimes drift off-center. A wick dipper keeps the wick centered and ready for the next lighting, ensuring an even burn over time.

4. **Prolonging Candle Life:** Properly extinguishing the candle using a wick dipper can extend the life of the candle. The controlled extinguishing method prevents excess burning and preserves the wax for more hours of enjoyable use.

5. **No Wax Splattering:** Blowing out a candle can cause hot wax to splatter, creating a mess. Dipping the wick prevents this splattering and keeps your surroundings clean.

6. **Elegant Ritual:** Using a wick dipper adds a touch of elegance to the process of extinguishing a candle. It's a traditional and visually pleasing method that can enhance your overall candle experience.

Overall, using a wick dipper to extinguish your soy candle is the practical approach that enhances the enjoyment of your candles while maintaining a clean and safe environment.

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